1 Day, 1 Stitch Crochet Tote

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1 Day, 1 Stitch Crochet Tote

A FREE crochet pattern using double strands of Acrylic DK yarn which will crochet up quickly. This pattern is suitable for beginners, using single crochet stitch only.



  • CH = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • ST(S) – Stitches

This tote bag is knitted in the round, using two strands of yarn together. Use a stich marker in the first stitch at the beginning of each round. As you complete a round, move the stitch marker up.

Colour options: Use two different coloured for a textured look. Change the yarn colour on some of the rounds to create a stripe/s. Crochet the bottom half in one colour, and the top half in another.


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