5 Tips for beginner upholsterers

5 Tips for beginner upholsterers

5 tips for beginner upholsterers

1. Start with basic furniture projects first.  

Starting with a simple, armless chair will help you to focus on technique and finish. As you complete more projects, you will improve faster and with confidence. As you gain more skills, you will be able to complete a more complex chair, such as a wingback chair. 

2. Select furniture that only needs new fabric.  

These are called recovering projects. Avoid furniture that needs structural repairs, replacement springs/foam etc, which are called reupholstery projects. 

3. Take lots of photos before stripping the fabric off.  

Take photos in every angle and direction. When stripping off the fabric, take lots more photos of each layer, fold and technique. 

4. Strip the fabric off the chair strategically. 

Strip it off in the reverse order that it was upholstered and make a note of each layer. In most cases the last fabric panel is the bottom dustcloth. Here is a great video showing how to prepare your chair for reupholstery

5. Buy yourself a pnematic stapler.

An airgun stapler will be the best investment you will ever make! Avoid hand or electric staplers as they will make it more difficult for you. 

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