All about upholstery needles

All about upholstery needles

Curved Needles

Curved needles are also called semi-circular needles or slipping needles and are shaped like a C.

They are come in a variety of sizes from very small to extra large ones. 

Large curved needles are used for sewing with twine, such as spring work and bridle ties.

Medium needles are used for slip stitching fabrics including hessian, calico and upholstery fabric.

Small curved needles of used for hand stitching delicate fabrics.

Beginners should start with a medium size curved needle. 

Long, single pointed needles

Long single pointed needles are called mattress needles or buttoning needles.

They come in various lengths between 10" to 14" (25-35cm).

They are used for sewing through paddings, including installing buttons and tufting.

Beginners should start with a 10" (25mm) long needle. 

Long, double pointed needles

Long double pointed needles are called upholsterer's needles, double point needles or round pointed needles.

They come in various lenghts between 8" to 16" (25cm to 40cm). They have very sharp points at both ends, with the hole a few cm's down from one point.

They are used for blind stitch through hessian and padding, and for edge stitching.

They are also used for buttoning and tufting work.

Beginners can replace a long single pointed needle, with a 10" or 12" double pointed needle.



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