Help, I have found borer holes in my chair!

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Help, I have found borer holes in my chair!

One of the most common issues when restoring old furniture is the nasty borer beetle.

If a chair is infested with borer, you’ll notice small round holes in the woodwork. This evasive pest will "bore" holes into the woodwork, and eat tunnels within it. 

Naughty borer larvae will burrow in the wood for 2-3 years before exiting, so one hole could represent a lot of internal damage.

  • If you see borer holes, first check the solidness of wood by tapping it. If it sounds hollow the borer holes may be extensive inside the wood. You will need to decide if the project is worth restoring, or can be repaired. 
  • To check if borer is active, gently tap the wood next to a borer hole. If you see sawdust coming out of the borer hole it’s most likely infected.
  • After fumigating furniture for borer, circle each hole with a pencil. Once a year look for borer holes without a circle. If you find any, repeat the fumigation process.

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