How to choose right size coil spring for seats

How to choose right size coil spring for seats

What are coil springs?

Biconical springs, are often called coil springs and are used in seats, backs and arms for comfort, support and shape. They are available in various sizes and gauges.

What gauge and size coil springs should I use for my seat?

Use 9 gauge (9g) coil spring for the seat and 10 gauge (10g) for the back. The lower the gauge, the stronger the spring.

When buying coil springs, the height of the spring will vary depending on the furniture. A general rule of thumb is to measure the height of the frame, which the springs are sitting in, and add 10cm.

Where are coil springs located and how are they fitted?

Coil springs sit on a tight base of jute webbing that is fixed underneath of the frame. To get a very tight base a web stretcher tool is used. Stretch the jute webbing until it sounds like a drum when tapped. The springs are sewn onto the webbing using strong jute twine. Coil springs are compressed by tying them down and securing them to the frame.

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