How to choose the right upholstery tack

How to choose the right upholstery tack

Upholstery tacks come in different shapes and forms. If you’re going to give tacking a go, here’s some help for buying the right tacks for the right job.

Types of tacks

Improved Tacks are sharp wide tacks with a large head, great for attaching webbing to a frame. We sell 15mm webbing tacks, which are the perfect size for attaching jute webbing to your frame. 

Fine tacks are sharp, thin tacks with smaller head mostly used for attaching fabrics and linings. We sell steel and zinc tacks for this purpose, in a variety of sizes.

Gimp Pins are sharp, very thin tacks and come in a variety of colours. They’re used for attaching gimp braid, or for securing the fabric in awkward areas. We sell gimp pins in red, black, white, fawn, brown, green, blue and grey.

Decorative Nails usually have attractive domed heads, and/or come in different patterns, colours and sizes. They’re used to secure outside panels and for decoration. We sell these in both single nails or in nail strips. 

Types of metal

Steel Tacks are for general use on interior upholstery work. 

Zinc Tacks are zinc plated so less likely to corrode than steel tacks.

Copper Tacks are mainly used for marine, exterior or antique furniture.

Sizing for tacks

10mm tacks are used for delicate work and fine fabrics.

13mm tacks are used for general tacking of fabric and linings

15mm tacks are used for webbing, heavy hessian linings and spring tying anchors

20mm tacks are used for webbing on a strong frame.

25-30mm tacks have limited use, but they can be used for very thick layers of leather or


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