How to cut foam at home

How to cut foam at home

Cutting Foam

Polyurethane foam is commonly used in upholstery to provide shape and comfort to your furniture. To keep straight when cutting your foam, use a permanent marker and ruler to draw cutting lines, and cut down in layers, a few centimetres deep at a time. 

If the foam is thin enough, simply use standard scissors or fabric shears. Long bladed scissors are the best.

A craft knife is a great tool for cutting foam. Place a new blade into your craft knife holder, and extend the blade to its full length. 

A sharp kitchen knife, such as a carving knifing or serrated bread knife, will do a great job of cutting through thick foam. 

Use an electric knife, such as an electric meat carving knife, or an electric bread knife, for cutting lots of foam, or if you have thick &/or dense foam. 

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