How to install elastic webbing

How to install elastic webbing

Step by step guide to installing elastic webbing.

Have you always wanted to know how to attach elastic webbing?

Here is a step by step guide to installing upholstery webbing to a wooden frame.

Before you get started, assemble together your tools and supplies. You will need elastic webbing, in the right grade for your project. A staple gun with 10mm staples, and a strong pair of scissors

1. Secure one end of the elastic webbing over first, as webbing has a tendancy to fray. Secure this on one side of your frame with staples, placed on a diagonal to give the strongest hold. 

2. Hold onto the frame with your dominant hand, and pull the elastic webbing tight with your other one.

3. When it is strong and firm, carefully let go of the frame, pick up your stapler, and secure the webbing in place with diagonal staples. 

4. Trim the elastic webbing with your scissors, leaving enough overhanging to fold back. Secure this end with two more staples. 

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