How to make a Calico Rosette

How to make a Calico Rosette

How to make a Calico RosetteMaterials for rolled rose:

  • Calico
  • Hot glue sticks

Materials for rosette backing:

  • Calico
  • Tatted doily (optional)
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue sticks


1. Tear a long strip of calico about 50mm wide. My piece was about a metre long. The width and length will determine the final size, so you can easily adjust these measurements.

2. Tie a knot at one end. Twist the strip and roll it around the knot, securing with a little hot glue.

3. Twist the strip of fabric loosely. 

4. Start rolling it around the centre knot, using dabs of hot glue to hold in place as you go around.

5. When you get to the end fold the fabric under and glue in place.

6. If you want to stop at this stage, simply cut a circle of calico and glue it on the back to neaten it up. Finished!


7. To create a rosette backing, make another strip of calico about 40mm wider than your finished rolled rose.
8. Using a needle and thread sew a running stitch all the way down the length about 5mm from the edge. Pull to ruffle and tie off your thread. (You could also use a ruffling foot on your sewing machine).

9. Start gluing the sewn edge of your ruffle around to create a large ruffled circle.

10. Add glue to the centre of your rosette and push the rolled rose ontop. Finished! (Unless you want to layer it onto a cotton doily!) 


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