How to make your own piping

How to make your own piping

Make piping in any colour you like! It's really easy when you know how. 

Should you use plastic or cotton piping? 

Cotton piping cord is best for interior furniture and soft furnishings.
Plastic piping cord is for outdoor furniture, marine and auto upholstery.

How to cut piping fabric:

Use scissors and a long ruler to cut long lenghts of fabric, perferrably on the bias (diagonal) of your fabric.

  • For 3mm piping, cut the fabric 4.2cm wide. 
  • For 4mm piping, cut the fabric 4.5cm wide.
  • For 5mm piping, cut the fabric 4.8cm wide. 
  • For 6mm piping, cut the fabric 5.0cm wide.

These width will give you 1.5cm "flange". The flange is sewn into your seam, or stapled onto your frame. 

How to sew piping: 

Cut long strips of fabric and wrap it around the piping.
Use a zipper or piping/welt foot on your sewing machine and sew close to the piping cord. 


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