How to measure & install zig zag springs

How to measure & install zig zag springs

What are Zig Zag springs

Zig Zag springs, also known as sinuous, serpentine or no-sag springs are easy to install and very comfortable.
Made from tempered wire, they are supplied flat or in a roll.

How to measure zig zag springs

Zig Zag springs are measured by pitch (number of "U"s). The pitch is measured by the distance between the centre points of the 'U'. 
To make is easier for you, a frame measurment is also given, because the length of your your zig zag springs is about the the size of the frame. 
If necessesary, Zig Zag springs can be cut to size with a hacksaw blade or bolt cutters.

How to install zig zag springs

Zig zag springs are installed with spring clips, which are nailed or screwed onto the frame.
The spring clip makes the zig zag spring longer than the frame giving the spring a slight crown/arch.
It is the crowning that gives the seat shape and comfort.
After installing the springs, tie the springs with jute twine to stop them from spreading apart, then cover with a layer of hessian

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