How to select the right project for upholstery

How to select the right project for upholstery

If you are a beginner, picking the right upholstery project to work on can be challenging. Obviously, starting with simple projects such as dining chairs or footstools, is advisable than starting with a wing back chair, but there are other things to consider too.

Here are some helpful advice in selecting upholstered furniture to work on. 

  • When selecting furniture for reupholstery, look for good bones that do not need structural repairs, such as loose joints or broken legs.  Repairs are a code word for hard work and extra costs. If repairs are needed, to get to the root of the problem you’ll need to strip it back to the frame, including the springs an stuffing.
  • Check that the furniture frame is strong by looking for wobbles when you sit on it. Tap the wood for rot. Systematically check the strength of each leg, each arm and, most importantly, the upright posts that support the back. 
  • Squeeze the padding for disintegration. Replacing the foam will add extra costs to your renovation, but also make it more difficult for beginners to tackle easily. 
  • Look underneath the chair for broken webbing strapes or broken coil springs. If coil springs are pushing through the jute webbing base, it might only require a new base of webbing, which isn’t hard to do with the correct tools. However broken coil springs will require complete removable of the top padding and require some additional spring installation skills. 
  • Furniture made from quality materials and careful construction are much easier to work on, so select projects thoughtfully Low-quality furniture, especially newer, mass-produced pieces, are often upholstered in separate sections before being permanently bolted together. This type of method can be difficult for beginners to tackle without serious dismantling. 
  • A saggy seat means the padding, zig zag springs and/or tensions springs may need to be replaced. Check the condition of springs by removing any loose seat cushions and checking underneath the chair. Replacing old or broken tension springs isn't overly complacated, but replacing zig zag springs may be more challenging for a beginner.  

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