How to use decorative chair nails

How to use decorative chair nails

Decorative nails are not just used for attaching fabric onto an upholstery project -- they can also be used to dress up wooden furniture, frames, mirrors, crates and other decor items. 

  • Decorative nails usually have domed heads, however they come in all sorts of different sizes, colours, shapes and pattersn.
  • Decorative nails are often used to secure outside fabric panels on upholstery furniture, instead of unsightly staples or tacks. 
  • Upholstered furniture that is decorated with chair nails may increase its opulence, making it look more expensive and individual.
  • It is ideal to use a nylon tipped hammer with a small head, but most hammers can be used.
  • If you are using a metal tipped hammer, protect the nails by putting tape on the head of the hammer. 
  • When hammering in your nails, make sure you aim precisely on the center of the nail, otherwise you will risk bending the nail stem. 
  • When hammering in your nails, limit the number of times you hit the nails, as you will increase the risk of bending the nail stem. Hammer in with careful, considered force. 
  • Use a space setter tool to help hold the decorative nails steady whilst hammering in, and to ensure the nails are evenly spaced.
  • If you don't have a space setter tool, use a strip of cardboard tack strip instead. Simply cut small, evenly spaced slits into the cardboard to hold the chair nails whilst you hammer them in.
  • If your chair nails are being used to hold a fabric panel in place, the gap between the nails will be determined by the type of fabric and the look you're going for. When using firm fabrics such as leathers, vinly and stiff canvas your nails can be further apart. For thinner fabrics your nails will be closer together.

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