Leather buying - The four leather quality grades

Leather buying - The four leather quality grades

No.1 Leather Hide

Number one leather highest are the highest quality. These hides little surface imperfections, holes, or cuts in the main areas of the hide. If they do have any impections, they are located on the outside edges of the hide which can be cut away.  

No.2 Leather Hide Grade

Number two leather is the second highest quality. They may have up to 4 imperctions, holes or cuts located in a straight line on the hide. This allows the hide to still yeild a large area of unblemished useable hide. Holes should be less than 12cm, and defects should not exceed over 1 ft sq. 

No.3 Leather Hide Grade

Number three hides will have five or more holes or large cuts although typically within a generally straight line.  Hole may exceed over 15cm and defects may exceed over 1 ft sq. It will have at least 50% useable hide.

Untannable Leather Hide Grade 

All other hides that do not meet the standards of grades 1, 2 or 3 are untannable. Untannable hides are used outside of the leather industry. 

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