List of 10 Basic Upholstery Tools

List of 10 Basic Upholstery Tools

List of 10 Basic Upholstery Tools

Starting out upholstery work doesn't have to be expensive. As you progress to more complex pieces, you can simply add additional tools and equipement. 

Here is a list of the most basic upholstery toolbox: 

  1. Fabric scissors. Get the best you can afford, at least 8.25" long
  2. Side cutter pliers. Also called diagonal pliers or wire cutters. Use this for pulling out staples and upholstery tacks.
  3. Flat headed screwdriver. Use this for prying out staples. You could substitute this for a staple remover. 
  4. Hammer. A magnetic hammer is useful for tacks, and also for tapping in proud staples. Use a mallet when using tack strip. 
  5. Tape measure. Either get a 1.5-3m long retractable metal tape measure, or a dressmakers tape of similar length. 
  6. Staple gun + 10mm staples. A hand operated gun will work well for basic projects. Ideally upgrade to a pneumatic stapler. 
  7. Needles. A long button/mattress needle at 10"-12" long, and a curved needle for sewing seams. 
  8. Pencil, marker, chalk. A pencil for marking wooden frames, a marker for foam and webbing, and tailors chalk for fabric. 
  9. Dressmakers pins. Aim for extra long, strong dressmakers pins, or upholstery T-Pins. 
  10. Long ruler. Either a long wooden yard stick or a long metal ruler. At least 1m is preferrable. 

Other helpful tools are: tack remover, staple remover, regulator, assorted curved needles, double ended long needle,  small scissors, seam ripper, webbing stretcher, square ruler, seam gauge, pneumatic stapler, sewing machine, space setter etc.  

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