Working out how much fabric to buy

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Working out how much fabric to buy

Buying the right amount of fabric for your project can be a little confusing. Here is how to easily calculate it: 

1. Before stripping the old fabric off, gather together a tape measure, pen and paper. 

2. Measure each fabric panel. Remember to add 1.5cm for each sewn edge and 5cm for each stapled edge. 

3. Plot this onto your fabric graph (you can download a free graph here).

4. If you are using piping, add piping fabric to your graph. The average fabric width for piping is 4.5cm.

5. When you have plotted all fabric pieces, the graph will give you an estimate of fabric quantity.

6. HINT: Add a little extra fabric for patterns, stripes, napped fabric, flaws &/or errors. 


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