Painting and Upholstering a Chair

Painting and Upholstering a Chair

Painting and Upholstering a Chair

Here is a 1920s oak and cane armchair on its original castors.

It was in a poorly state of repair when I first got it. However the basic construction is simple, so didn't take too much to transform.

When selecting furniture to makeover with fabric, pick items with reusuable springs & padding. Recovery projects are much easier than reupholstery ones! 

If you want to paint your chair, do this before adding the new fabric. 

Painting and Upholstering a Chair Method

1. Strip off the old fabric, and keep pieces aside for cutting new patterns.  Repair any damage and fill any major holes. Look for woodworm/borer. If there is any, fumigate with a borer bomb and fill up holes with filler. 

2. Paint the frame with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint. To get this look, try Antique White for a soft off-white, or Vintage Cream which is much richer. 

3. Use sandpaper or a sanding block to distress the paint finish. This will give it an aged, soft-worn look. 

4. Assuming your exising springs, foam and/or padding are in reusuable condition, simply add a new layer of polyester padding

5. Attach the new fabric, keeping the fabric centered and wrinkle free. Ideally use an airgun stapler, or you can use a hand stapler or tack-hammer & tacks. 

6. Piping can add a lovely decorative element to your furniture. Make your own using piping cord, and staple it into place. 

7. Lastly, sew the back cushion. 

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