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  • Hammers & Mallets
    Buy upholstery hammers and mallets online in New Zealand. Magnetic tack hammer. Nylon head. Wooden. Buy now! NZ Ship.
  • Rulers & Tapes
    Buy upholstery rulers and tapes online in NZ. Long metal 1m ruler, square, wooden yard stick, dressmakers tape. Fast nationwide ship.
  • Scissors & knives
    Need sharp scissors? Buy online in NZ! Fabric shears, left hand, pinking, embroidery, snips, Klasse, Fiskars. Fast nationwide ship to your door.
  • Staple removing
    Are you stripping old fabric off your chair for reupholstery? Buy staple removing tools! Tack remover, staple remover makes life easier! NZ Ship.
  • Staplers
    Need a staple gun for your upholstery? Pneumatic short and long nose guns. Hand staplers. Fast NZ shipping.
  • Needles & Pins
    Buy needles and pins for upholstery online in New Zealand. Button needles, double ended needles, curved neeldes, T pins, dressmakers pins
  • Pens & Chalk
    Buy fabric markers and tailors chalk online in New Zealand. Mollies is NZ number one upholstery and upcycling online store for hobbyists.
  • Web stretchers
    Buy NZ made upholstery web stretcher. Use webbing strainer to install jute webbing for seat reupholstery. Fast NZ shipping!