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  • Hammers & Mallets
    Buy upholstery hammers and mallets online in New Zealand. Magnetic tack hammer. Nylon head. Wooden. Buy now! NZ Ship.
  • Rulers & Tapes
    Buy upholstery rulers and tapes online in NZ. Long metal 1m ruler, square, wooden yard stick, dressmakers tape. Fast nationwide ship.
  • Scissors & knives
    Need sharp scissors? Buy online in NZ! Fabric shears, left hand, pinking, embroidery, snips, Klasse, Fiskars. Fast nationwide ship to your door.
  • Staple removing
    Are you stripping old fabric off your chair for reupholstery? Buy staple removing tools! Tack remover, staple remover makes life easier! NZ Ship.
  • Staplers
    Need a staple gun for your upholstery? Pneumatic short and long nose guns. Hand staplers. Fast NZ shipping.
  • Needles & Pins
    Buy needles and pins for upholstery online in New Zealand. Button needles, double ended needles, curved neeldes, T pins, dressmakers pins
  • Pens & Chalk
    Buy fabric markers and tailors chalk online in New Zealand. Mollies is NZ number one upholstery and upcycling online store for hobbyists.
  • Web stretchers
    Buy NZ made upholstery web stretcher. Use webbing strainer to install jute webbing for seat reupholstery. Fast NZ shipping!

Orders for bulk upholstery supplies, custom ordered products or backorder items may be delayed due to our suppliers closing down for Xmas/New Year holidays. Most suppliers will reopen between 14-21st January. 
Thank you for your patience.