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Produced using natural ingredients for the most environmentally responsible tanning process. Results in better wear and patina over time. Excellent for carving, tools and embossing.


Uses chromium sulfate to create soft, subtle leather. Vibrant colours. Mostly used for upholstery, garments and footwear. 


Environmentally sustainable tanning agents. Usually lighter in colour so also great for dyeing light colours.


Highest quality. Dyes & finishes that contain no pigment, penetrates all way through. Transparent finish. Used on best quality full grain and top grain leather. 


Treated with oils and waxes, when pull or stretched the finish is lighter in those areas creating a vintage, worn look.

Pebble Grain

Treated full grain leather with a surface texture that resembles small pebbles.


Treated with aniline dye first then a matching pigment layer is used  to even the colour out and give protection.

Drum Dyed

A leather colouring process that dunks leather into a dye and its tumbled in a drum. This allows maximum dye coverage.


Hair has been removed, dried and not tanned. Very tough and stiff unless soaked in water. Used for drum skins, lamps and braiding.


The surface of the leather has been stamped with a pattern to create an overall embossed look such as animal skin. 


Suede made from top grain that is sanded and buffed. More durable and thicker than suede with a finer grain.


Dyed with a dark colour over a light colour to create highlights. Artificial ageing with additions of natural markings on the hide.

Leather Thickness Use Examples

Linings, Shoes, Boots, Pouches,
Purses, Gussets, Garments,

Purses, Shoes, Boots, Pouches,
Aprons, Chaps, Knife Sheaths,
Bags, Wallets

Belts, Saddlebags, Bridles,
Halters, Dog Collars, Straps,
Scabbards, Holsters, Sheaths

Heavy Belts & Straps, Gun Belts,
Stirrups, Cattle Halters, Leads,
Heavy Horse Halters

Harnesses, Stirrup Straps,
Saddle Skirtying, Gunbelts,
Soles & Heels, Machine Belts 

Safety & Work Harnesses,
Saddle Skirting, Soles &

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is the top layer of the hide just below the hair and includes all the grain with it. It retains the toughness, natural charactistics and imperfections of the animal. It is the highest quality leather, hense the most expensive. The leather absorbs oils and patina over time. 

It is the highest quality leather and the most expensive. Working with this leather material is challenging but rewarding. It absorbs body oils and develops a patina over time, which is is sought after.

Example of uses: Motorcycle saddle bags, suitcases, bags, sheaths, holsters, belts, boots etc

Top Grain Leather

Top grain is the second highest grade of leather. It is made when the top layer of skin from blemished hides is split and the surface is sanded to correct imperfections. This results in a more uniformed finish. 

This also makes top grain leather smoother and more flexible than the full grain. Top Grain leather is strong and durable, yet not as tough as full grain. It is used to produce suede and nubuck. 

Example of uses: Bags, cases, wallets. 

Corrected / Split / Geniune Grain Leather

Corrected grain is also called split leather or genuine leather. It is what is left when the top layers are split off to make full grain and top grain leather.  Split leather is tougher in texture and is sanded to correct imperfections. The surface is often embossed with a leather looking pattern. 

Example of uses: Furniture, footwear, handbags, purses, wallets. 

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is made up from the leftovers of the hide. Scraps, shavings and dust are bonded together with polyurethane or latex on top of a fiber sheet. 

Example of uses: Furniture, bags, accessories, book binding, belts

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