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Reupholstering your chair & need upholstery supplies & tools? 

Buy back tacking, webbing, linings, piping etc. FAST New Zealand delivery. Shop now!

  • * BULK Upholstery Supplies
    Bulk upholstery supplies for the serious hobbyist!
  • Braids & Trims
    The BEST selection of decorative gimp braids and trims online in New Zealand. Variety of colours styles & widths. Fast NZ shipping.
  • Fabric Linings
    Buy hessian, calico, spring guard and dustcloth for your upholstery projects. NZ's best upholstery supply store for hobbyists! Buy online now.
  • Foam, wadding, cushions
    Need foam, wadding, cushions for your upholstery project, cushions and squabs? Cushion inners, foam, dacron, batting. Fast shipping NZ wide.
  • Tacks & Nails
    Use decorative nail and tacks to easily change the look of your furniture . Buy them in singles or strip. Easy to apply. Buy now! NZ Shipping
  • Piping Cord
    Make your own custom decorative piping with upholstery piping cord or welt. Available in several thickness. NZ online store. Buy now!
  • Springs
    Does your armchair seat sag? It might need new upholstery seat springs. Biconical, tension, zig zag. For furniture repairs. Buy online NZ fast ship.
  • Tack Strips
    Upholstery tack strip in New Zealand. Flexible ply-grip, metal tack strip or cardboard back tack. For back tacking buy online now with fast NZ ship!
  • Webbing
    Does your armchair seat sag? Replace the seat strapping. Elastic webbing or jute webbing. For furniture repairs. Buy online NZ fast ship.
  • Buttons
    Need buttons for your next upholstery project? Buy self cover buttons, glass crystal buttons. Use for deep buttoning tufting! Several sizes. NZ Ship.
  • Twines & Threads
    Best selection of upholstery twines cords and threads! Buy piping, tufting twine, spring tying twine, jute, nylon. Buy online in New Zealand.
  • Zips & Fasteners
    Need continuous upholstery zips and fasteners? Different sizes and colours. Buy online in New Zealand with fast shipping nationwide.
  • Components & Legs
    Buy furniture components and fee online in New Zealand. Upholstery supplies for NZ furniture hobbiests and upcyclers.
  • Edge roll
    Buy upholstery edge roll online in New Zealand. NZ best supplier of upholstery tools and supplies with fast nationwide delivery to your door.
  • Cane work
    Canework on chairs and other furniture is a popular method of bring modern texture and comfort to a piece.
  • Tools
    Need a tools for your upholstery? Gun staplers, web stretchers, scissors, rulers, staple removers etc
  • Headboard kits
    Want to make your own headboard but don't know how? Buy a headboard kit! Use your own fabric. Kit has frame, padding, legs & instructions. Free NZ postage.
  • Fabric, Vinyl, Leather
    Great upholstery fabric, leather and vinyl is essential for great results. We can order Warwick fabric, leather and vinyl for you.

Reupholstering your chair & need upholstery supplies & tools? Buy back tacking, webbing, linings, piping etc. FAST New Zealand delivery. Shop now!