AKLD: DIAMOND TUFTING: Traditional deep buttoning

Sunday 19 May 2019
09:30 AM - 03:30 PM
Diamond Tufting

In this technique based workshop Antonia will share the secret to deep buttoning. Learn the concepts and techniques whilst upholstering your very own storage trunk, including: tools & supply needs, how to measure button placement, how to cut and apply foam & wadding professionally, how measure excess fabric, creating the distinctive diamond folds, installing buttons, and padding the base.

Diamond tufting is also called deep buttoning. It is a traditional upholstering technique where fabric is folded around deeply pulled buttons. It is a very time consuming process that requires patience and accuracy, but when mastered the resulting effect is  stunning. 

You will learn

  • Introduction to upholstery tools

  • How to measure for button placement

  • How to prepare foam and wadding

  • How to measure and mark fabric

  • How to create the distinctive diamond pattern folds

  • How to install buttons

  • How to create a padded base

What to bring

  • Fabric 
  • Buttons
  • Lunch

What is supplied

  • Wooden trunk
  • Upholstery supplies such as foam, wadding etc.
  • Use of all tools need to complete your project to a professional standard
  • Tea, coffee, cookies 


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