WGTN: Part 1 KICKSTARTER: Beginners upholstery

Saturday 11 September 2021
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
PART 1 Footstool
NZ$ 195.00

The fundamental starter programme where we'll introduce you to the wonderful, creative world of upholstery. This is Mollies Make & Create's most popular workshop. 

Have you always wanted to give upholstery a go, but lack the skills, space, equipment or confidence to give it a go? 

Or have you already started on your upholstery journey and want to continue upskilling? 

If yes! then join Leigh for one of her fun and empowering upholstery workshop, creating a simple project from frame to fabric. 

This class is great for either beginners or more advanced students.

Held in Shelly Bay, Wellington. 

You will learn

Some of the skills and techniques you will learn are:

  • Creating a support base with frame and webbing
  • Adding foam and wadding to make a comfort core
  • Working with fabric and cutting patterns
  • Folding single pleat corners
  • How to sew the upholsterer's slip-stitch
  • How to tie on buttons with a slip-knot

What to bring

  • Fabric - A minimum of 1m x 1m
  • Button - Optional
  • Lunch

What is supplied

  • Footstool frame with feet
  • Upholstery supplies such as webbing, foam, wadding etc.
  • Use of all tools need to complete your project to a professional standard
  • Tea & Coffee

Make A Booking

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  • Book one attendee at a time (unless booking large groups)

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