WGTN: HEADBOARD: Make your own (all bed sizes avail)

Saturday 22 May 2021
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Pricing is based on the size of your headboard, ranging from $240 to $330. 

If you have ever wanted to make your own headboard, this is the workshop for you!

No previous upholstery experience is needed -- this is a great class for either beginners or more advanced students. 

You can select your size of headboard, from SINGLE to SUPER KING. 

The headboards are rectangle with a finished height of 70cm.

Included are legs that are fully adjustable to the width/height required.

Held in Shelly Bay, Wellington. 

You will learn

  • Introduction to basic upholstery tools and supplies
  • Accurately measure board for buttons (buttons are optional)
  • Adding foam to make a soft base
  • How to attach fabric and fold corners
  • Attaching buttons

What to bring

  • Fabric - See guide below
  • Buttons - Optional
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Lunch

What is supplied

  • Headboard frame with adjustable legs
  • Upholstery supplies such as foam, wadding etc.
  • Use of all tools need to complete your project to a professional standard
  • Tea and coffee
Bed SizeCostFabric amount
Single 1m $240 1.2m wide x 90cm high
King Single 1.1m $250 1.3m wide x 90cm high
Double 1.35m $260 1.55m wide x 90cm high
Queen 1.55m $275 1.75 wide x 90cm high
King 1.65m $300 1.85m wide x 90cm high
Super King 1.8m $330 2m wide x 90cm high

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