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Get my handy layout/cutting plan guide

Learn abbreviations

Learn the abbreviations that upholsterers use on the back of the fabric pattern pieces. 

See an example layout/cutting plan

Study an example layout/cutting plan for a box cushion, where it shows you how to work out quantity of fabric it needs.

Printable layout/cutting plan grid

Print off the blank cutting plan grid and work out how the best layout for your pattern pieces, and how much fabric you will need to purchase. 

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Make your own reusable dishcloth


Cotton dishcloths can be used over and over again. My first ever dishcloth lasted me 3 years! They can be thrown into the laundry to wash.


Imagine how many sponges you would buy over 3 years. 

Basic pattern

Uses simple knit and purl stitches that is easy for beginners. Materials are limited to only cotton yarn , 4mm needles and a yarn darner

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Get your free reference cards for Vintage Paint

10 Reference Cards

Receive one handy reference card for each product in the Vintage Paint Range

Includes prep & application info

Learn how prepare the surface for each product, and how to apply it professionally

Touch dry, recoat & cure times

A handy timing guide for applying products in the range.

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Free How-To Videos

Want to learn a new skill, or find out how to use a particular product? 

Upholstery How-To Videos

Painting How-To Videos


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