Projects & How-Tos

  • How to use Vintage Paint
    Learn what makes Vintage Paint different, how to prepare your furniture for painting, and the way to apply it.
  • How to use Stainblock Primer
    Stainblock Primer is an effective stain blocker for tannin bleed, ink, niccotine and water stains etc.
  • How to use Vintage Chalk Powder
    Vintage Chalk Powder is a mineral based additive. When added to Vintage Paint you can create a matt paint perfect for chalkboards or chalk-style furniture.
  • How to use Vintage Wax
    Vintage Wax is made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax and essential oils. It can be used on bare wood, antiques, Vintage Paint, chalkpaint and leather.
  • How to use Vintage Clearcoat
    Vintage Clearcoat is a non-yellowing, water-based polyurethane varnish. It can be used on bare timber, Vintage Paint or Vintage Chalk.
  • Simple distressing
    Its easy to create a faux aged, distressed look. All you need is a light touch, an eye for natural wear and Vintage Paint.
  • Painting mahogany and other redwoods
    Redwood furniture contain tannic acid which will cause brown staining to seep through fresh paint. Find out how to treat it before painting.
  • Chalk Style Painted Furniture
    Chalk Style Paint is a matt paint which is easy to apply and easy to sand. It is often used for furniture, with a final coat of wax.
  • Painting stripes and other designs
    Stripes, chevron, harlequin and checks give fun and interest to furniture. Learn how to make the most of your masking techniques.
  • Painting laminate furniture
    Laminate is generally a plastic type coating glued onto chipboard, particle board or mdf. Learn how to paint this notoriously difficult surface
  • Candle resist distressing
    Learn how to create an easy distressed effect using a wax candle and sandpaper.
  • DIY wall decals
    Learn the DIY method of creating adhesive wall decals. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Painting terracotta pots
    Learn how to paint terracotta pots and other porous surfaces using Vintage Paint.
  • Painting outside furniture
    Learn the trick to painting outside furniture and other bare timber with Vintage Paint.
  • Whitewashing
    Learn how to dilute Vintage Paint to create a whitewashed effect.
  • Blackboard painting
    Make your own blackboard using Vintage Paint and Vintage Chalk.
  • Dipped Legs
    Creating dipped legs is easy with Vintage Paint and masking tape. Learn how to get bleed free edges with this quick video tutorial.