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  • How to apply Efex Mouldings
    Efex mouldings are bendable moldings which are glued onto projects to create historical character, drama, texture and interest.
  • How to replace cane mesh
    Replacing cane mesh is not as hard as it seems, here are some simple instructions on getting a clean, tight finish.
  • 1 Day, 1 Stitch Crochet Tote
    A FREE crochet pattern using double strands of Acrylic DK yarn which will crochet up quickly. This pattern is suitable for beginners, using single crochet stitch only.
  • How to measure & install zig zag springs
    Zig Zag springs, also known as sinuous, serpentine or no-sag springs, are easy to install at home and make a very comfortable seat.
  • What upholstery tacks should I use?
    Upholstery tacks are used to secure materials, padding or fabrics to furniture, or used decoratively. Here's is a handy glossary to help you identify which tack to use.
  • How to upholster a simple armless chair
    A simple slipper (armless) chair is a great way to get started with an easy upholstery project. This type of chair has a tight seat (ie: no seat cushion) and a tight back.
  • The Weekender, Knitted Slippers
    A FREE knitting pattern using double strands of 8ply/DK yarn which will knit up quickly. This pattern is suitable for beginners, using basic stitches.
  • Using thick fabric for self-cover buttons
    Upholstery fabric is often too thick to self-cover buttons at home. But there is a way to do this with expensive button presses. Here is a video showing an easy "shower cap" method.
  • Working out how much fabric to buy
    Buying the right amount of fabric for your project can be a little confusing. Here is how to easily calculate it.
  • All about furniture coil springs
    Are you thinking if removing and replacing your coil springs? Here is all the info you need to select the right ones.
  • 5 Tips for beginner upholsterers
    Starting a new hobby is exciting but can be daunting too. Before you begin your first upholstery project here are 5 tips for beginners.
  • How to make your own piping
    Make piping in any colour you like! It's really easy when you know how.

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