FULL Sheet Foam 28170 1.9m x 2.2m

FULL Sheet Foam 28170 1.9m x 2.2m
Full sheet foam 28170, custom order, pickup only

- GRADE: Dunlop Marathon Foam 28-170

- SIZE: 1900mm x 2200mm (1.9m x 2.2m)

- THICKNESS: Options 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 80cm, 100cm, 125cm.

- USE: Upholstery: Firm Seat. Frame Wrap. Bedding: Firm overlay, rails/foam box.

OVERSIZED: Product is too large for standard courier. Pickup from our store or freight collect.

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How to cut foam at home

  • If the foam is thin enough, simply use scissors. Long bladed scissors are the best.
  • craft knife is a great tool for cutting foam. Place a new blade into your craft knife holder, and extend the blade to its full length. 
  • A sharp kitchen knife, such as a carving knifing or serrated bread knife, will do a great job of cutting through thick foam. 
  • Use an electric knife, such as an electric meat carving knife, or an electric bread knife, for cutting lots of foam, or if you have thick &/or dense foam. 

How to glue foam &/or wadding together

  1. Place a work surface in a well ventilated area. 
  2. Protect the area surrounding your work surface with a drop sheet, newspapers or plastic sheet.
  3. Shake a can of Ados Spray Adhesive well.
  4. Carefully spray both sides of the surfaces to be glued. Ddo not overspray. 
  5. Wait for the surfaces to dry a little (15-30 seconds) for it to become tacky.
  6. Carefully press both sides together.
  7. Leave for 15 - 20 minutes for it to form a strong bond. 

Attaching foam and wadding

  • Contact adhesive, such as Ados Spray Adhesive. Glue each side together and press. 
  • Staple foam or wadding to your wooden frame with a staple gun
  • Staple wadding to itself, such as for wrapping cushions, with a paper stapler.
  • Use a curved needle and strong thread to hand stitch wadding together. 
  • Use a sewing machine to sew wadding or thin foam sheets to fabric. 

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