MONT MARTE Make n Bake Polymer Clay 60gm Lilac

  • MONT MARTE Make n Bake Polymer Clay 60gm Lilac
With our Make n Bake Polymer Clay, the creative possibilities are endless! This easy-to-use clay is malleable and can be hardened in a standard household oven. You’ll find our clay is soft, smooth and blendable, so that you can create new clean and vibrant colours. It also holds form and adheres easily to porous and non-porous materials making it ideal for any sculpture work. Once, hardened this oven bake clay can be drilled, sanded, cut, painted and even cleaned with warm soapy water. It’s ideal for use in press moulds, pattern making, figure and doll modelling, canes, beading, jewellery and many other sculptural projects. So, whatever you dream up, this super pliable clay will help bring your creation to life!

Soft and smooth, makes it easy to knead, blend colours and join edges.

Very good shape stability and minimal shrinkage so your sculpture maintains original shape and size once cured.

Ideal for press moulds, pattern making, canes, beading jewellery.

Once cured can be drilled, sanded, cut.

Compact 60 g size great for adding many colours to your collection.

Non toxic.

Knead until smooth.
Create your sculpture.
Preheat oven to 120-130 degrees C and bake for 30 mins.
Carefully remove from oven and let it cool.

Handy Hints:
Wash any dirt and oils off hands, surfaces and tools with dishwashing liquid to prep for sculpting.
Baking times may vary. In general, allow 30 mins of baking time for every 6mm of thickness - test run recommended.
Under normal baking at the correct temperature may generate a small amount of fumes. Baking at higher than recommended temperatures can cause increased fumes and should be avoided (all fumes are non-toxic).
Place onto a foil sheet or ceramic tile (to diffuse and spread heat evenly) and into centre of household oven preheated to 120-130 degrees C / 248-266 degrees F and bake for 30 mins.
Do not use a microwave with polymer clay.
Hardened clay will accept additional layers of clay over it and can be re-baked.
Keep your unused clay fresh in cling film and store in airtight container - in a cool, dry place.

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