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ARBEE Candle Refill Soy Wax

ARBEE Candle Refill Soy Wax


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Arbee Soy Wax is the perfect choice for candle making enthusiasts who want an eco-friendly and sustainable option. Made from natural soy, this wax burns longer and cleaner than traditional candle wax, without producing any unsightly black smoke. With Arbee Soy Wax, you can easily create beautiful candles using Arbee candlewick and any container of your choice.

Each packet of Arbee Soy Wax contains 250gm and comes in a convenient resealable package, making it easy to use and store. However, please note that this product is not food-grade and should not be used for anything other than candle making.

It's also important to note that Arbee Soy Wax is not 100% pure, a small percentage of paraffin wax is added to act as a hardener. This ensures that your candles will maintain their shape and burn evenly for a beautiful and long-lasting glow.

Overall, Arbee Soy Wax is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious candle makers who want a high-quality, easy-to-use product.

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