100% Egyptian Cotton 8ply

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Free Hello! Crochet Pattern

Crochet is easy

This pattern is for absolute beginners. It uses only a chain and single crochet stitch

Quick to finish

Being a small project, your motivation will stay high whilst you are learning the stitches! 


Its not just the pattern that you can reuse! This dishcloth will last you several years... imagine how many kitchen sponges you would have to buy during that time. 

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Seed Stitch Dishcloth



Cotton dishcloths can be used over and over again. My first ever dishcloth lasted me 3 years! They can be thrown into the laundry to wash.


Imagine how many sponges you would buy over 3 years. 

Basic pattern

Uses simple knit and purl stitches that is easy for beginners. Materials are limited to only cotton yarn , 4mm needles and a yarn darner

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