Make your own custom decorative piping with upholstery piping cord or welt. Available in several thickness. NZ online store. Buy now!

Sew your own piping cord

Watch Antonia demonstrate how to sew your own custom piping or welt-cord. You can make piping in every colour of the rainbow, simply cut long lengths of fabric, and wrap it around piping/welt cord. 

 Tools: Sewing machine with either a zipper or piping / welt foot.

Plastic or cotton? Cotton piping cord is best for interior furniture and soft furnishings. Plastic piping cord is for outdoor furniture, marine and auto upholstery.

Cutting piping fabric: Use scissors and a long ruler to cut long lenghts of fabric, perferrably on the bias (diagonal) of your fabric. For 3mm piping, cut the fabric 4.2cm wide. For 4mm piping, cut the fabric 4.5cm wide. For 5mm piping, cut the fabric 48mm wide. For 6mm piping, cut the fabric 5cm wide. These width will give you 1.5cm "flange". The flange is sewn into your seam, or stapled onto your frame. 

Sewing piping: Cut long strips of fabric and wrap it around the piping. Use a zipper or piping/welt foot on your sewing machine and sew close to the piping cord. 

Stapling piping: Secure the piping in place with staples, keeping it straight and taut. Reinforce the piping with tack strip

Join piping fabric strips

If you have to make lots of piping welt cord, you will need to join multiple strips of fabric together. Instead of joining the fabric with a straight seam, which will leave a bulky join in the piping, watch how easy it is to sew a diagonal seam. Having a diagonal seam will help distribute the bulk more evenly. 

Tools & supplies: Sewing machine with plain foot and a zipper foot (or piping/welt foot).

Attach your own piping cord

Watch Antonia demonstrate how to staple piping cord onto the bottom of a seat base. 

 Tools: Staple gunscissors

Make your own custom decorative piping with upholstery piping cord or welt. Available in several thickness. NZ online store. Buy now!

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