🎥 Types of Leathercraft Glues

🎥 Types of Leathercraft Glues

Fiebing's LeatherCraft Cement 

Colorless and safe leather adhesive. Widely used for joining leather in preparation for stitching, and for repairs. Leaves a clear, clean finish when dry.

Aleene's Leather & Suede Glue

Designed for securely bonding leather and suede permanently. It ensures no seepage through the surface. Come in a handy bottle with adjustable nozzel. 

Ados F2 Contact Glue

This high-adhesion glue is designed for creating permanent bonds, whether stitching is involved or not. Ideal for applications such as lining, inlays, edges, and joins. Available in tube or tin. 

Seiwa Leather Adhesive

Extra concentrated water-based adhesive. Non-toxic, no odors and provides remarkable bonding strength. Excellent allround glue for leathercraft, available in standard and extra strong.

Intercom Ecostick Adhesive

High-quality, eco-friendly water-based adhesive, with a strong bond even without stitching. Available in repositionable and permanent. 

PVA Glue

Can be used for temporary tacking prior to stitching, PVA Glue offer strong bond, is cost-effective, water-based, and is clear drying.

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