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Working with foam

Cutting Foam: To keep straight when cutting your foam, use a permanent marker and ruler to draw cutting lines, and cut down in layers, a few centimetres deep at a time. If the foam is thin enough, simply use long bladed scissors. A craft knife is a great tool for cutting foam. Place a new blade into your craft knife holder, and extend the blade to its full length.
A sharp kitchen knife, such as a carving knifing or serrated bread knife, will do a great job of cutting through thick, firm foam.
Use an electric knife, for meat or bread for cutting lots of foam, or if you have thick &/or dense foam.

Glueing foam and wadding:The easiest glue for foam is a contact spray adhesive, such as Ados. Spray contact adhesive is sprayed onto each surface first. Wait for 15-30 seconds before placing surfaces together. Hold in place until they fully bond. 

Calico plasters and pullsCalico can be glued onto foam with contact adhesive. They are used to provide extra strength to glued joints or for creating rounded edges to foam. Calico strips can also be glued onto foam to use as "pulls" which are then stretched down and stapled onto the frame.   

Attaching foam and wadding:
If the foam or wadding is being attached to a wooden frame a staple gun is a quick and easy method. A tack hammer and tacks can also be used. When wrapping wadding around a piece of foam, such as a seat cushion inner, a paper stapler can be used to secure the wadding edges together. It can also be hand sewn or glued on. 

  • Dream Foam

    Dream Foam is an economical foam used as a soft layer in cushioning and in some sports applications for superior absorption. Helps improve air quality and reduce pollutants.

    • 16-070: Good for soft back cushion, soft quilting.
    • 20-100: Good for medium back cushion, firm quilting, medium bedding overlay.
    • 22-050: Good for soft bed overlay, soft quilting.
    • 28-110: Good for soft seat and med seat backs.
  • Marathon Foam

    Marathon Foam is a popular foam for upholstery because of its reliability, durability & affordability. 5 year warranty.

    • MA26-150: Good for firm seat cushions and firm bedding overlays
    • MA27-288: Good for side support for beds, Furniture frame wrap, packaging
    • MA28-130: Good for med seat cushions, med bedding overlay 
    • MA28-170: Good for firm seat cushions, firm bedding overlay
  • Elephant Foam

    Elephant Foam is a premium, durable upholstery foam with a 10 year warranty. High density. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment. 

    • EL33-120: Med seat cushions, firm backs, med bedding overlay.
    • EL35-130: Med seat cushions, firm backs, med bedding overlay
    • EL35-160: Firm seat cushions, window seats or commercial seats
    • EL37-080: Soft bed overlay, soft seat cushions, med backs
    • EL37-140: Firm bed overlay, firm seat cushions, commercial seats, camper beds/seats
    • EL38-200: Firm seat cushions and commercial seats
  • Reticulated Foam

    Reticulated Foam is suitable for use in outdoor, marine or wet applications where self draining and quick drying is needed. Also used for filters and puppet making. 

    • RE 29-130: Good for outdoor furniture back cushions. Med.
    • RE 29-170: Good for outdoor furniture seat cushions. Firm.

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FAQ: What foam grade should I choose?