Choosing the right grade for your upholstery project

Choosing the right grade for your upholstery project

There are many different types of foams that Dunlop manufacture here in New Zealand. For the home upholsterer's we have simplified this for you. In this guide, we'll explore three popular interior Dunlop foam types—Dream Foam, Marathon Foam, and Elephant Foam, and also Reticulated Foam for outdoor use.

Dream Foam:

Dream Foam is an economical choice that finds its place in soft layer cushioning, seat backs, bedding overlays and sports applications requiring superior absorption. With multiple options to choose from, it's important to match the right grade to your specific reupholstery needs:

  • 16-070: Ideal for soft back cushions and soft quilting.
  • 20-100: Suitable for medium back cushions, firm quilting, and medium bedding overlays. This is the most popular Dream Foam grade.
  • 22-050: Perfect for soft bed overlays and soft quilting.
  • 28-110: Well-suited for soft and medium seat backs.

Marathon Foam:

Known for its reliability, durability, and affordability, Marathon Foam is a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts. With a 5-year warranty, it offers peace of mind along with various grades to meet different requirements:

  • MA26-150: Best for firm seat cushions and firm bedding overlays.
  • MA27-288: Ideal for side support in beds, furniture frame wrap, and packaging.
  • MA28-130: Suitable for medium seat cushions and medium bedding overlays. The most popular Marathon Foam for medium softness.
  • MA28-170: Designed for firm seat cushions and firm bedding overlays.  The most popular Marathon Foam for firm softness.

Elephant Foam:

For those seeking a premium, durable option with a 10-year warranty and high density, Elephant Foam is the go-to choice. With Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment, it provides added benefits for a wide range of applications:

  • EL33-120 and EL35-130: Perfect for medium seat cushions, firm backs, and medium bedding overlays.
  • EL35-160: Ideal for firm seat cushions, window seats, or commercial seats.
  • EL37-080: Suitable for soft bed overlays, soft seat cushions, medium backs, soft commercial seats, and camper seats.
  • EL37-140: Suitable for camper beds/seating, firm bed overlays, medium seat cushions, medium/firm backs, commercial seating. The most popular grade for premium foam in medium softness.
  • EL38-200: Tailored for firm seat cushions and commercial seats.

Reticulated Foam:

Designed for outdoor, marine, or wet applications where quick drying is crucial, Reticulated Foam allows water to pass through the foam cells quicker than regular foam. It is also versatile enough for filters and puppet making:

  • RE 29-130: Recommended for outdoor furniture back cushions with a medium feel.
  • RE 29-170: Suitable for outdoor furniture seat cushions, providing a firm feel.

Choosing the right foam grade is crucial to the success of your reupholstery project. Consider your specific needs, preferences, and the intended use of the furniture when selecting from the diverse options available.

Happy upholstering!

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