Cleaning Leather with Saddle Soap

Cleaning Leather with Saddle Soap

Leather items like shoes, bags or saddles, needs a bit of care to stay nice and strong. One good way to clean and take care of leather is by using something called saddle soap. This soap not only cleans the leather but also helps it stay soft and not crack. Using saddle soap is quite easy: 

Tools & Supplies 

Saddle soap
Soft brush or sponge
Clean, dry cloths or rags
Optional: Leather conditioner

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need: saddle soap, a soft brush or sponge, clean cloths or rags, and water. If your leather thing is very dry, you might also want to have some leather conditioner.

Use a soft brush or sponge to gently get rid of any dirt or dust on the leather. Doing this helps the saddle soap work better. For bags, it's help to vacuum the inside. 

Dampen a clean cloth or sponge with water and gently make the leather a bit wet. It is wise to do just one panel at a time. 

Rub a cleaning brush or cloth in the saddle soap to make a soapy lather. Put the lather onto the leather by rubbing it in circles. Pay extra attention to spots that are really dirty, and to the seams and edges.

Saddle Soap for cleaning leather

The saddle soap will help clean and make the leather soft. Let the saddle soap sit on the leather for a few minutes.

Use a clean, dry cloth or rag to wipe off the excess saddle soap from the leather. Make sure to get rid of all the soap so it doesn't feel sticky.

Let the leather air dry completely before using or putting it away. Don't put it in the sun or near heat while it's drying. For items that are not flat, use rolled or folded towels to keep its shape whilst drying. 

If you want to give the leather some extra protection, you can use a leather conditioner after using saddle soap. Follow the instructions on the conditioner's package. Pay special attention to seams and edges, and don't forget any straps. 


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