Grey Buffet with Dark Wax Finish

Grey Buffet with Dark Wax Finish

To breathe new life into this exquisite antique buffet, painted with Vintage Paint "Old Linen," I embarked on a meticulous journey of restoration. First, I attended to essential repairs, meticulously addressing hinges and locks. I expertly filled in the previous handle holes and introduced new keyhole (escutcheon) plates. A delicate yet thorough sanding ensued to bid farewell to any remnants of loose varnish, followed by a thorough cleansing with a gentle soap and water solution.

Vintage Paint's self-leveling properties were ideal for minimizing brush marks, yet I sought a distinctive, textured appearance. To achieve this effect, I artfully over-brushed the still-damp paint in a crisscross pattern, imparting a subtle, artfully haphazard texture to the piece.

For the final touch, a sumptuous layer of Vintage Wax was lovingly applied, bestowing a warm, inviting luster. A generous wax brush was the tool of choice for the application, allowing the wax to rest undisturbed overnight before the meticulous buffing with a pristine, lint-free cloth. At this stage, you could choose to conclude the process, and your buffet would radiate a timeless beauty.

However, if you desire to deepen the finish and accentuate the intricate detailing, such as the ornate moldings, carvings, and the captivating textured paint, I introduced the art of aging with Dark Wax. Employing either Voodoo Molly Vintage DARK wax or by ingeniously mixing Vintage Stain "Ebony" into Vintage CLEAR Wax, I meticulously applied the dark wax using a specialized wax brush. This meticulous process was carried out section by section, bringing out the buffet's rich character.

To complete this transformation, I added dainty, clear glass knobs, providing a tasteful finishing touch. A few new holes were effortlessly introduced to accommodate these knobs, a task effortlessly achieved with a cordless drill.

During the crucial curing period, I left the drawers and cupboards ajar and avoided placing any damp or sizable objects on the surface. This deliberate approach allowed the finish to breathe freely, ensuring a lasting testament to the beauty of the past, expertly revitalized for the present.

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