Guide to picking Leathercraft Stitching Chisels

Guide to picking Leathercraft Stitching Chisels

Embarking on a leathercraft journey is a thrilling endeavor, and mastering the art of stitching is a key element of creating timeless leather goods. Stitching chisels play a pivotal role in achieving clean, precise, and durable seams. In this guide, we will explore the various types of stitching chisels, their unique characteristics, and the ideal projects for each.

Diamond Stitching Chisel

The diamond stitching chisel is aptly named for its diamond-shaped prongs. These chisels come in various spacing options, allowing crafters to choose the level of detail and complexity in their stitching pattern. The diamond shape ensures a secure grip on the leather, preventing slippage during the stitching process.


  • Versatile for creating intricate stitch patterns.
  • Provides a firm grip on leather.
  • Available in different prong spacing options for customisation.


  • May require more effort to penetrate thicker leather.

Ideal Projects: Ideal for projects where intricate and decorative stitching patterns are desired, such as wallets, belts, and smaller accessories.

Flat Stitching Chisel

Flat stitching chisels feature straight, flat prongs, making them suitable for a clean and straightforward stitching line. These chisels are known for their ease of use and are favored by beginners and seasoned crafters alike.


  • Easy to use, making them suitable for beginners.
  • Creates a straight and clean stitching line.
  • Ideal for both simple and complex projects.


  • Less versatile in terms of stitch pattern compared to diamond chisels.

Ideal Projects: Perfect for a wide range of leather goods, including bags, wallets, and simple accessories, where a clean and straightforward stitching pattern is desired.

Hole Punch Stitching Chisels

Hole punch stitching chisels, as the name suggests, are designed specifically for creating evenly spaced holes along the stitching line. These chisels simplify the stitching process, ensuring consistent spacing and alignment.


  • Saves time with pre-punched holes.
  • Ensures even stitching spacing.
  • Suitable for repetitive and large-scale projects.


  • Limited in terms of stitch pattern customization.

Ideal Projects: Excellent for projects with long, straight seams, such as belts, straps, and larger bags, where consistent stitching spacing is crucial.

Thonging or Lacing Chisels

Thonging or lacing chisels are specialized tools designed for creating holes in leather for thonging or lacing. These chisels typically have fewer prongs and are spaced farther apart, accommodating thicker laces or thongs.


  • Specifically designed for thonging and lacing.
  • Suitable for projects requiring thicker laces.
  • Ideal for leather projects with a rustic or bohemian aesthetic.


  • Limited to specific applications.

Ideal Projects: Best suited for projects that involve lacing or thonging, such as sandals, bracelets, and projects with a rustic or Western-inspired design.

Pricking Irons

Pricking irons are heavy-duty stitching chisels with fewer prongs compared to other chisels. They are designed for creating larger holes in thicker leather, providing a bold and robust stitching appearance.


  • Looks professional.
  • Suitable for thick and heavy leather.


  • Limited in creating intricate stitch patterns.
  • Only designed to make hole part way in the leather, with the use of an awl to finish off the hole.
  • Tools are more expensive than other chisels.

Ideal Projects: Best suited for heavy-duty leather goods such as leather belts, sheaths, and larger bags, where durability and a bold stitching appearance are essential.

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