Types of Sewing Needles for Leathercrafters

Types of Sewing Needles for Leathercrafters

In this guide, we'll explore the characteristics, applications, and examples of five essential hand sewing needles: glovers needles, saddlers needles, saddlers harness needles, lacing needles, and curved needles.

Glovers Needles:

Glovers needles are known for their slender, triangular sharp points and short length. They are often available in various sizes to accommodate different thread thicknesses. They are ideal for lightweight leather and intricate stitching, glovers needles are excellent for projects like gloves, wallets, and fine leather accessories. They work well with soft, supple leathers, piercing through the leather with their sharp point.

Saddlers Needles:

Saddlers needles are short needles with a sharp pointed. They are larger and stronger than glovers needles. Saddlers needles are designed for sewing heavier leathers. They are well-suited for stitching leather items such as belts, bags, and saddles, where stitching holes have already been punched. 

Saddlers Harness Needles:

Similar to saddlers needles, Saddlers Harness needles are longer again, with a blunt point. They are most popular for leather crafters who are handstitching projects that have been pre-punched, or for saddle making, robust bags etc. 

Lacing Needles:

Lacing needles are characterized by their elongated body and blunt point. They often have pronges or a screw end to accommodate lacing or thonging.

Curved Needles:

Curved needles feature a gentle bend along their body, allowing them to navigate tight spaces and create seamless stitches on curved or hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for projects that involve stitching in confined spaces, such as attaching linings to bags, sewing upholstery, or crafting three-dimensional leather goods.


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