Hand-woven vs. Pre-Woven Cane - Which is it?

Hand-woven vs. Pre-Woven Cane - Which is it?

When fixing woven cane seats, it's important to know if it's hand-woven or pre-woven. Pre-woven is easier for beginners, but hand-weaving is more advanced. Check before removing to decide if you want to tackle this project or not!

Here is the most common way to tell if the cane is hand-woven on the frame, or pre-woven and installed as a sheet.

Hand-wovenA distinctive feature of hand-woven cane seats is the presence of a series of small holes around the perimeter of the seat frame. These holes serve as anchor points for individual cane strands, showcasing the handcrafted nature of the weaving process. Another feature of hand-woven installation is the wrapping and tying of the individual cane around the frame itself.  

Hand woven chair seat using rattan cane

Pre-woven:  Pre-woven cane mesh seats typically have a routed groove, specifically designed to accommodate a wedging spline. The pre-woven cane mesh sheet is then inserted into this groove, and a spline is wedged into place, securing the mesh tightly within the frame. Other ways of securing pre-woven mesh are with staples, or sandwiching between frames.

Cane rattan mesh pre-woven sheet installed on chair
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