How to add flair with Nailhead Trim

How to add flair with Nailhead Trim

Doing your own chair makeover is a fun project. If you want to make your chairs look extra nice, you can use something called nailhead trim. These are long strips with little dome-shaped studs that look like fancy chair nails. Every few domes there will be one with a hole in it. That is used to hammer in a domed chair nail. 

Upholstered chair with nailhead trim domed nails

The great thing about nailhead trim is how easy it is to use! They can be installed very fast using a tack hammer, and they can bent in curves and corners. They can be trimmed to size using scissors or pliers. 


How to Put Nailhead Trim on Your Chairs:

Gather your supplies. You need the nailhead trim and the fixing nails, a tack hammer, a tape measure, a pencil or chalk.

Use the tape measure to figure out where you want the nailhead trim to go. Mark those spots with a pencil or chalk. 

Cut the nailhead trim to the right length using scissors or pliers. 

Start at one end and push the first fixing nail into the first hole, then hammer into place. Be careful not to hit too hard, so you don't damage anything.

Continue along adding the fixing nails into each hole. The trim can be easily bent around corners as you go. 

HINT:  When you reach the end, you might not have a hole in the last bump. No worries! Here are two simple ways to handle it. 1.Cut the trim back to the nearest hole and fix it with a nail. Hammer in a few fixing nails close together to fill the gap. 2. Create a new hole by punching a nail through the dome. 

Nailhead trim decorative dome nails for upholstery
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