How to measure & install zig zag springs

How to measure & install zig zag springs

Zig Zag springs, also referred to as sinuous, serpentine, or no-sag springs, are a comfortable and easy-to-install seating option. These springs are constructed from tempered wire and are available in flat or rolled form. Measuring Zig Zag springs is done by determining the pitch, or the number of "U" shapes present. The pitch is measured by calculating the distance between the center points of the "U" shapes. Additionally, the length of the Zig Zag springs is typically comparable to the size of the frame, making it easier to determine the necessary size. If needed, Zig Zag springs can be resized using bolt cutters or a hacksaw blade.

To install Zig Zag springs, use spring clips that are nailed or screwed onto the frame. The spring clip extends the length of the Zig Zag spring beyond the frame, creating a slight arch or crown. This arch is what provides shape and comfort to the seat. After installation, tie the springs together using jute twine to prevent them from spreading apart, and cover them with a layer of hessian.

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