How to pick the right upholstery webbing

How to pick the right upholstery webbing

Elastic webbing is a versatile option that offers stretchiness, making it an excellent alternative to traditional springs. When selecting elastic webbing for your project, it's important to consider the appropriate grade that suits your specific needs.

For various applications, different stripe patterns of elastic webbing are recommended. A single stripe webbing is ideal for supporting inside arms or providing extra reinforcement to outside paddings. Two-stripe webbing works well for footstools, inside arms, and chair backs. Three-stripe webbing is suitable for ottomans and seating arrangements, while four-stripe webbing is designed for heavy-duty seating that can withstand significant use.

Installation of Elastic Webbing is relatively straightforward compared to jute webbing. It can be easily stretched by hand and attached to the top of the frame in a woven pattern. After securing the elastic webbing, it's recommended to add a layer of hessian fabric and a foam core on top. This additional layering enhances the support and cushioning of the seat, ensuring optimal comfort for anyone using the furniture.

Jute webbing is commonly used in conjunction with coil springs and provides essential support to the seat structure. It is typically attached to the bottom of the seat frame, but it can also be used for inside arms and wings to bolster the padding.

Different webbing weights are used for different applications. For seating, a 10lb webbing is recommended. For inside arms, outside paddings and footstools a 9lb webbing is appropriate. 

To install jute webbing, a webbing stretcher tool is employed. This tool helps achieve a taut and secure attachment of the jute webbing to the underside of the frame. Using a woven pattern, the jute webbing is carefully fastened, ensuring proper tension and stability. The woven pattern helps distribute weight evenly across the webbing, preventing any weak spots or sagging over time.

By utilising the appropriate webbing for your upholstery project and following the recommended installation methods, you can ensure that your furniture remains sturdy, supportive, and comfortable for years to come. Take into account the specific requirements of your furniture piece and choose the webbing that best suits your needs to achieve a successful upholstery project.

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