How to use decorative chair nails

How to use decorative chair nails

Decorative nails can be used for more than just attaching fabric to upholstery projects; they can also enhance the look of wooden furniture, frames, mirrors, crates, and other decorative items. These nails come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns, and typically have domed heads.

While decorative nails are often used to secure outside fabric panels on upholstered furniture instead of unsightly staples or tacks, they can also add a touch of opulence and individuality to any piece.

To attach chair nails, use an upholstery hammer with a small head. A regular hammer can be used with caution. If using a metal-tipped hammer, protect delicate nails by placing masking tape on the head.

When hammering in the nails, aim precisely at the center to avoid bending the stem. Avoid hitting the nails too many times, as this increases the risk of bending the stem. Instead, apply careful and deliberate force while using a space setter tool or a strip of cardboard tack strip to hold the nails in place and ensure even spacing.

If the nails are holding a fabric panel in place, the distance between them will depend on the type of fabric and the desired look. For firm fabrics like leather, vinyl, and stiff canvas, the nails can be spaced further apart, while thinner fabrics will require nails to be placed closer together.

A nail setter tool can be used to both hold and space the nails. These are plastic shaped panels with notches to hold the nails. 

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