Painting Laminated Flat-pack Furniture

Painting Laminated Flat-pack Furniture

Painting Laminated Flat-pack Furniture

Words like flat-pack, laminate, MDF, and composite woods are often associated with mass-produced, low-quality, disposable, and uninspiring furniture. The drawers shown in this photo were made of all the mentioned materials. However, with a little splash of paint and some stylish handles, they can be transformed.

There was a challenge, though. The drawers were constructed using laminate-covered composite MDF wood. Laminate is a plastic-like covering used to mimic the appearance of real solid wood. However, it falls short of being authentic. It is merely a laminate—a plastic material. Painting laminate surfaces can be difficult. While it may be easy to apply paint, achieving durability is a challenge. The slick surface hinders long-term adhesion.

Nonetheless, I envisioned turning this brown set of drawers into a charming dresser for our guest room. So, I wanted to paint it. Luckily, Voodoo Molly Bondcoat Primer came to the rescue. This primer is specifically designed for smooth surfaces such as laminate, formica, glass, and tile, providing exceptional adhesion as an undercoat.

Painting Laminated Flat-pack Furniture Method

  1. Clean your project well, removing all traces of dirt, grease, wax and loose particles. I like to use sugar soap, but any good detergent will do. 
  2. Repair any holes or cracks with wood filler as per product directions. In this unit, there was a large scratch on one side, so a little filler smoothed that out nicely. 
  3. Sand the entire surface with 100 grit sandpaper. This will give the surface 'tooth' for adhesion. You can use an electric sander if you wish, like I did. But remember, do not over sand! You do not want to sand through the thin laminate surface.
  4. Clean off all sanding dust before painting. You don't want your finish to look gritty. 
  5. Use a paint brush to apply a thin coat of Voodoo Molly Bondcoat Primer.
  6. Dry overnight (the longer the better) before painting with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint.

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