Pneumatic Staple Gun Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Pneumatic Staple Gun Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

A well-maintained pneumatic stapler rarely malfunctions. To avoid performance problems here are the four most important tasks to ensure you have many years of trouble-free stapling.

  • Keep your gun well lubricated with 1-2 drops of oil per 1000 staples.
  • Adjust the PSI pressure to suit to hardness of the wood, but keep within the specified psi range.
  • If a staple becomes jammed stop shooting immediately and remove the staple by removing the faceplate.
  • Make sure water in your air compressor's tank is routinely drained. 
    Diagram showing the parts of a pnuematic airgun stapler

    Trouble shooting

    The two main causes of performance problems are lack of lubrication and incorrect PSI pressure.

    Staplegun is not working.

    • Check there are staples in the magazine.
    • Make sure the staple you are using is the right size.
    • Disable the trigger lock.
    • Make sure no staples are stuck in the nose piece.
    • Ensure the airhose is connected to compressor.
    • Ensure the compressor is turned on and that the air tank is filled.
    • Check the compressor's pressure settings and increase them if necessary.
    • Make sure the staple gun is oiled. 

    Staple is jammed in nose piece.

    • Remove the nose plate and remove the staple.
    • Ensure the staple has not caused any damage.
    • Ensure the tongue is straight and aligned and the nose plate has been properly replaced.
    Using a pneumatic staple gun to recover an upholstery project

    Staples keep jamming

    • Lack of lubrication.
    • Wrong PSI pressure.
    • Nose plate not installed correctly or screws loose.
    • Partical staple still stuck.
    • Dirt or grease buildup. 
    • Damaged or bent tongue/driver.
    • Damaged or bent guides.
    • Not enough staples in magazine.
    • Worn or damaged magazine pusher spring.
    • Poor quality or dirty staples.

    Staples are not penetrating the wood completely

    • Low PSI pressure setting.
    • Lack of lubrication.
    • Damaged or bent tongue/driver
    • Surface is too hard.

    Staples firing too deep

    • Reduce PSI pressure setting.

    Skipping or mis-firing

    • Lack of lubrication.
    • Wrong PSI pressure setting.
    • Leak in hose or fitting.
    • Damage caused by moisture.
    • Damage caused by jammed staple.
    • Wrong size or poor quality staples.
    • Magazine and/or staples are dirty.
    • Magazine is loose.
    • Worn or damaged magazine pusher spring.

    The tongue/driver does not retract after firing

    • Lack of lubrication.
    • PSI pressure setting too low.
    • Jammed staple.
    • Dirt or grease buildup. 
    • Damaged or bent tongue/driver.
    • Worn out seals.

    Oil is coming out of the nose piece

    • Reduce the amount of oil used for lubrication

    Water is coming out of the nose piece

    • Drain water from the air compressor tank.

    Double firing

    • Pressing the trigger too slowly.
    • Pressing the trigger too fast.
    • Not holding the staple gun firmly onto the surface.
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