What is Hitched Webbing and what is it used for?

What is Hitched Webbing and what is it used for?

If you enjoy DIY projects and love adding unique designs to your creations, hitched webbing is a fantastic trim to use. This type of polyester webbing is woven with care to look like traditional hitched horsehair or beading trim. We are proud to be a distributor for Ivan Leathercraft, who have been the leading makers of hitched webbing for 30 years. 

Hitched polyester webbing for decorative trim

Hitched webbing is a special kind of polyester material that's woven with attention to detail. It creates pretty patterns that resemble the look of hitched horsehair or beading. It's a great choice for DIY projects because it adds a classy touch without the complexity of traditional weaving techniques. It is strong, flexible, and resistant to usual wear and tear. 

The standout feature of hitched webbing is the intricate patterns they often have Crafters can choose from many designs, giving them endless options for creativity. The beautiful patterns make them ideal for adding flair to hatbands and jewellery. 

Hitched webbing can be used for hatbands, dog leashes, leather inlay, shoelaces, bracelets, gimp braid, belts and straps, keychains, bookmarks, borders, tote straps, applique, home decor accents, upholstery, headbands, hair accessories, lampshades, saddle decoration. 

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