Which tack strip should I use?

Which tack strip should I use?

Upholstering outside panels might seem a bit daunting, especially if you're new to the game. Let's dive into the world of back-tacking, the secret weapon of upholstery that'll give your outside fabric panels a clean and professional finish. 

So, what exactly is back-tacking? Well, it's a nifty method that lets you attach those outside panels to the frame without any unsightly tacks or staples showing. 

When it comes to back tack strips, there are three main contenders: cardboard, metal, and flexible metal. Let's break them down:

Cardboard Tack Strip

First up, we have the trusty cardboard tack strip. This bad boy is perfect for the top edges of your outside panels, like the outside back or the outside arm. It's a straight edge superhero, but don't underestimate its flexibility! It can handle a subtle curve with a little gentle persuasion. Once you've got the top edge secured with the cardboard tack strip, it's time to move on to the sides using another back tack method.

Metal Tack Strip

Next on the list is the metal tack strip. After you have attached the outside fabric along the top using the cardboard tack strip, you need to tackle the right and left sides. That's where the metal tack strip comes in. It's perfect for those straight edges that don't need to bend sideways. If you need to customize the length, just grab a hacksaw blade or tin snips, and you can trim the strips to size.

Flexible Tack Strip

Last but not least, we have the flexible tack strip, the true champion of flexibility in both name and function. This strip is your go-to for any edge of those outside panels. It's like the gymnast of tack strips, effortlessly adapting to any curved panel, whether it's wings or rolled arms. Now, that's some serious flexibility!

Upholstery doesn't have to be all serious and intimidating. With the right tools like these back tack strips, you can tackle those outside panels with a smile on your face. Embrace the challenge and let your creativity shine! Upholstering is an art form, and you're the artist bringing life and personality to your furniture.

So, go ahead, grab that cardboard tack strip for the top, rock the metal tack strips on the sides, and unleash the magic of the flexible metal tack strip on those elegant curves. 

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