What is dust cloth and which should I use?

What is dust cloth and which should I use?

When you're giving your furniture a facelift all by yourself, it's not just about the pretty fabric – it's also about the other finishings, like dust cloth. Dustcloth is a fabric used to cover up non-visible areas of upholstered furniture. Also known as bottom fabric, dust cover is the last touch that makes your DIY upholstery project look good and last longer.

Dust cloth is like a shield between your new fabric and the inside of your furniture. It stops dust from the stuffings and components from falling down. Putting on a dust cover is also like the cherry on top. It hides the rough edges and staples, making your project look pro and polished.

Cambric non-woven bonded fabric for upholstery

Non-Woven Fabric: We sell a non-woven, bonded fabric called Spunbond. Similar to cambric, this black fabric is economical and looks the part. It is easy cut, installed and comes in a variety of thickness and widths. Spunbond is used under seats, backs of headboards and under the lids of storage trunks etc. The non-fraying natures makes this fabric ideal for DIYers.

Jute burlap hessian for upholstery

Hessian: Hessian is tough and sturdy natural fabric made from the jute plant. Also called burlap or sacking, hessian is an essential material for upholstery, especially within stuffing layers. Hessian is also used as a dustcloth fabric in antique furniture, or when a more rustic finish is required. Hessian does fray easily when cut, so it will need to be folded under when attaching, or trimmed off with cardboard tack strip. Hessian is an economical product. 

Calico cotton fabric for upholstery

Calico: Calico is a simple cotton fabric that's strong and flexible. It is another essential material for upholstery stuffing layers. As a dustcover, it functions very well. It doesn't fray as much as hessian, but raw edges will still need to be folded or trimmed. Cost wise, its the most expensive option of the three. It's a good all-rounder, working well for all kinds of furniture pieces, whether classic or modern.

In the DIY upholstery world, don't underestimate the power of dust cloth. It might be a small detail, but it makes a big difference. By picking the right material, you're not just making your furniture look good – you're making it last. So, as you tackle your next upholstery adventure, remember that dust cloth is the unsung hero that adds both smarts and style to your revamped furniture.

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