Upholstery Tip #3: Get your worms sorted

Tip #3: The Telltale Signs of Borer Infestation

Many years ago I bought an 1886 Kauri dresser from TradeMe. It was listed as borer-free. It might have been borer-free, but it wasn't borer-hole-free! After it was delivered to me, the panels started to crumble to dust just like Weetbix.
Borer-infested furniture can cause serious damage. One way to spot their presence is by the small round holes they leave behind. These sneaky larvae burrow into the wood, causing hidden damage.
When buying old furniture, always check the wood's solidity before buying it. Tap the wood—if it sounds hollow, there might be more internal borer damage than the few visible holes may indicate.
HINT: To see if the borer is still active, tap next to a hole. If you see fresh sawdust coming out, they're still at work and it will need to be fumigated.
Borer holes on wooden furniture


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