Upholstery Tip #10: Say Cheese!

Starting an upholstery project means turning tired furniture into beautiful, new-looking pieces. But to succeed, you need to prepare well and document everything carefully. One crucial tip, often overlooked but very helpful, is Tip #10: Take lots of pictures.

Before you start removing old fabric or doing anything else, grab your phone camera. These pictures aren't just for memories; they're super important for your project.

Take photos of the furniture from all angles, even the hidden parts and what's under the upholstery. And don't forget to take pictures with and without cushions.

Back in the day, I used a manual camera with film. I had to be careful because I only had 24 shots per roll. But now, we have phones with great cameras that can take endless pictures. So, take as many as you need.. and then some more!

These photos are like your project's blueprint. They show you how the fabric goes on, where things attach, and how the furniture was put together. When you take things apart, the pictures help you remember how it should look when you put it back together.

Pentax K1000 Photographic Camera on Books


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